Sunday, April 26, 2009


Before I announce them, I wanted to tell you why I love my job. I have been in the Photography Industry for quite some time and well trained to help you look your best in your photographs. No matter what wonderful stage in your life you are in, I can help. So I was telling my Daughter how important it is to eat Fruits and Vegetables every day (to help with these wonderful stages). I said "It will help to keep your skin looking youthful and healthy". She says to me "Mom, it did not work for you!” Gotta love Children’s honesty and Photoshop!!!!

Thank you Morgan for being my Vanna White!

The winners of a $125.00 Gift cards from Render's Photography are-

Dana Barrett

Kiersten Cavner

Cathie Rohleder

Please e-mail me your address and I’ll send your gift cards right out!!!

Another drawing will be coming in the next few months. Thanks for participating on Facebook.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Engagement Session- Rachel & Brooks

Rachel and Brooks were playful and a joy to work with. I got to capture their spirits and smiles that they bring out in eachother. I kept snapping those portraits at just the right time. Speaking of the right time, once again we were dodging falling poo from the trees. What is with me and the birds this year. Sorry to all of you that have been hit by "you know what". The trees are finally covered with leaves. I'll make sure to put you under those ones. Rachel and Brooks will be getting married July 10, 2009 on a cruise boat. This will be fun.

Heather is Graduating!!!

It's Heather time. I laughed a lot during this session. Heather is a breath of fresh air. She makes you giggle and smile when you are around her. I was pleasantly surprised when she brought her dog with. He looks like a puppy but is 2 years old. I just wanted to take him home. It sounds like he goes everywhere with her, so how cool was it to have him in her Senior pictures. Thanks for a great session!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Alex's Senior Portrait Session..........

Alex and her Mom met me in Tacoma for Alex's session. We had the perfect morning light. The kind you want to order up for every session. Mary did a great job directing the light where I needed it. Mary, you are hired! Alex was definitely very comfortable in front of the camera. She had so many great shots, that it took me a little longer to edit this session down!! She loves her Volkswagen. This is a great shot of both. We decided during her preview session, that her portraits with her car would make a great ad for VW. So Alex, one day, when you find that prince, let me know and I'll be there ;) Thanks again for choosing me!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A lot of new "stuff" to post- Stay tuned in.........

Chris & Julies Engagement Session
So I have been busy with outdoor sessions now that the weather is changing for the better. I will start the first post of many with Julie, Chris and Madison. I will be photographing Chris and Julie's wedding in August. I can't wait for their big day. Their connection with each other is amazing. As you can see here, they just melt together. I really enjoyed capturing these images in a place that has meaning to them. We went to Chris's parents home in Port Orchard. Lot's of Trees and trails. We dodged a few rain showers but got some great images in between!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Update from Michele

Hello there. Things have been getting crazy and fun. I have so many great ideas from a Photography convention that I went to a few days ago. Can't wait to put them in place and to offer my wonderful customers great sessions and products soon. I will also be setting up a "photography class" soon. Can't wait to show you ways to help you take better portraits with your little digital cameras.
Here is a Senior Session that I did with Holly yesterday. She will be a HS Senior rep for me at Fife HS next year!! This session was done so that we have images to put on postcards and for special offer that she can share with others in her class!!!! She is so energetic, fun and so comfortable in front of the camera.