Thursday, October 23, 2008

Chris and Dan Oct 4, 2008

What an amazing connection Chris and Dan have, not only with each other, but with all of their friends and family. To see the support and encouragement that they received from so many people was so heart warming. Dana (my assistant) and I had a blast at their wedding. Everyone was a joy to work with (despite the 30mph wind gust and rain showers). Chris was such and easy going bride. She didn't let the gloomy day get in the way of her wedding. We all had the same attitude. Let's have fun and go with it. I am honored that they chose me for this special day!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cody au Model

This is Cody. We had a great time during his session. He is a model and was is need of some photographs that really showed off his features. Agencies and prospective clients need to see what he has to offer. Cody was really comfortable in front of the camera. My goal was for him to have a fun with the session so his personality would show through his images!! Thanks Cody for a great session.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Ruth and Alex

My job is so rewarding and I am honored to share Ruth and Alex's story with you-
I would love to introduce you to Ruth and Alex. I have only just met Ruth in the last year. She has been connected to our extended family for 11 years now. The reason that I have only just met her is this: Ruth adopted my Cousin's baby 11 years ago. It was an open adoption, so they have kept in contact with my Cousin through the years. Alex is a young girl who is full of energy and getting ready to experience coming in to teenage-hood. As a mother, you watch your children grow and make decisions that you hope you have had some influence in (the good decisions anyways). You never imagine not being able to share every moment with them. Some days, your mind wanders and you do think what their lives would be like without you. There is probably no way to really know what it feels like to go through it, unless you have. Ruth is experiencing these thoughts first hand. She has been diagnosed with cancer that is not curable. Ruth and Alex have just recently moved to the area from Oregon, which has allowed Alex's extended family to get to know her better. Each day is more special than the day before, especially when you know you only have a little bit more precious time to share with your loved ones. Ruth and Alex came to a Family Barbecue last weekend and I had on hand, my professional camera. Ruth did not know at the time, that I am a Professional Photographer. She just commented on what a "nice camera" I had. I shared with her my profession and that led into her telling me that she had been thinking about getting portraits done, but just hadn't done it yet. Without hesitation, we left the group and created these images. Their connection, their friendship and a mothers love will always be remembered by these special portraits. Thank you Ruth for letting me take these for you and we will all pray and keep you and Alex in our thoughts as you continue your Journey through this difficult time in your life.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Live Session Video

This video was done by my talanted Friend Chris Mckenna. I highly recommend him for your Video needs. Check out his website here

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


My Grandpa turned 71 this week. Doesn't he look great! I am hoping that I got genes from that side of the family. My Grandpa is active. He bowls, and golfs and is on the move. Recently, he gave us a scare. He suffered a Mild Heart Attack on Labor day. Luckily, they cleared up his artery and he is back to normal. His is the model patient. Here he is pictured with his Classic Ford (sorry, I forgot the year). He just had it re-stored and the color is undescribable. Here's to celebrating another Birthday with you. No more scares like the last one. We love ya.

Where's Waldo?

Here you can see Grandpa, myself and my Bro!