Monday, December 22, 2008

Megan's Family

My friend Megan contacted me to schedule her Family portraits. I was honored that she wanted me to do them. Especially since they had not been done from the time the kids were little tikes. So this was a pretty special milestone for them. The weather was COLD, so we did mostly indoor portraits, with a few outside too. These were Megan's favorites. Jack and Maize are such great kids. Thanks again Megan!!

This one is my favorite!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow Day.

Here is my snow Angel. We didn't last long out there, with a 29 degree temp. Just long enough to get some cute photo's of Morgan (and a few of us, thanks to the timer). Have fun NW families, in the snow. We are going to dress up warmer and go back out to make frosty today. Also, the colors on things really catches your eye against a white background. I just thought they looked interesting, so I photographed them.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My kids a comedian!

Today is just a day to write you a note about the funny little things in life that make you giggle. A big one for me is my little girl. She loves to tell jokes, you know the ones that you say "I don't know, why did the chicken cross the road?" If you have children, you know what I am talking about. Thanks to Quiznos kids meals (the jokes came with the meal), she was on a roll the other night. So here are few jokes to share with your children, co-workers or family. You may have heard a few before. They are clean and may bring back some of your own joke telling memories. Here they are, from Morgan to you:

Where do snowmen keep their money? In snowbanks!
What do you do with a sick wasp? Take it to the Waspital
Why didn't the skeleton go to the school dance? Because he had no-body to go with!
What has 4 eyes but can't see? Mississippi
What is black and white and read all over? A newspaper
Why can't your nose be a 12 inches long? Then it would be a foot

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dana, Wade and little Emily

This is Emily and her family. Emily just turned one. Happy Birthday Emily! This was our first time working together and we had fun. Our plan was to go outside for family portraits, but the weather had other ideas. So we did indoor portraits instead and when the weather broke, we did a few portraits outside too. Emily loves her blanket, so Dana brought it out and she was in heaven. She played peek-a-boo with it and was so adorable. You can see that the blanky is definitely a comfort to her, and now Dana and Wade will have that memory forever. Thank you so much for choosing me to take these portraits for you!!!!

I love the facial expression on this!!! It cracks me up.

Love those colors. Good choice Mommy.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Jayme & Mark's Engagement Portraits!

Jayme and Mark both are away at college for most of the year. So we decided to meet up for their engagement session while they were here for Turkey day vacation. They will be getting married next June. The weather has been working to my advantage for outdoor portrait sessions lately. Jayme and Mark wanted some portraits done on a Rocky Beach and boy do we have those around here. We went to Owen's beach in Tacoma. It was so quiet last Friday. We didn't have to work around crowns and people that day. The Beach was all ours!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Here is Nicole and Aaron!

Nicole came to me, wanting some photographs of her and Aaron. They wanted something nice for the Holidays, but admitted that they both really don't like being in front of the camera. I wanted to make sure they were comfortable with the session and that they had a great time. I suggested that we head outdoors (even at this time of year). So we went to the U-DUB campus Tacoma. We had unusually mild temperatures last weekend. I even had to take my jacket off. It was perfect and as I say "meant to be". They did just fine with a camera around. Thank you Nicole and Aaron for picking me to take your portraits. These are a few of my fav's: